Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't buy Chinese iron! Lodge Logic's cast iron griddle is best!

This is our replacement griddle. We bought our first cast iron griddle at Bi-Mart a few weeks ago. We went looking for a Carolina-made Lodge griddle after seeing their manufacturing process featured on the Food Network during our delivery at the hospital (the last time we were around TV). Bi-Mart had several Lodge cast iron skillets but no two-burner griddles. There was only a very inexpensive Chinese-made griddle. I prophetically said, "I don't want to buy some cheap Chinese made crap." Response: "It's a solid piece of iron; how could they mess it up."

Well, we learned firsthand what bridge builders and office builders have known for years: Chinese iron sucks. I mixing eggs and heating the griddle when I heard a loud "Crack!" The griddle broke! They cut corners. Heck, their iron was probably mixed with lead, which is great for a cooking surface! At least the lead can't make me any stupider than not buying American iron. Buyer beware.